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ICO Virus Email Scanning Protection:

What is ICO's Virus Email Scanning Protection?
ICO Virus Email Scanning Protecting is a value-added feature that was designed to prevent viruses from being transmitted to InterCape customers via email.  This Virus Scanning Service automatically scans all incoming/outgoing emails for viruses before they come to your computer; thereby stopping viruses before they reach your desktop and securing your email environment.

Why is Virus Email Scanning Protection such an invaluable feature?
Email and the Internet represents the fastest growing source of virus distribution.  Nowadays, more than 50,000 viruses are in the wild and 300 new ones are cropping up every month.  NakedWife, AnnaK, ILoveYou, LoveLetter, Melissa,SnowWhite and KAK are a few of the most popular and renet outbreaks.  Viruses cause damage and waste time and manpower.  However, InterCape subscribers can have peace of mind sending/receiving email because of ICO's Virus Scanning Email Protection.

Since implementing this additional email scanning feature, we have prevented 100's of viruses from infecting our subscribers.  Thus, saving our subscribers much TIME & preventing STRESS & loss of productivity.

Who who can sign up for this service?
No signup is necessary.   All InterCape Internet Access & Web Hosting subscribers are automatically protected with this new feature.

How does ICO Virus Email Scanning Protection work?
Every email sent or received through ICO's mail server is scanned for over 50,000 virus signatures.  We update our virus signatures daily to ensure that all emails are scanned with the most up-to-date virus signatures to ensure protection against the newest & most recent virus outbreaks.

If a virus is detected, the email is blocked and quarantined.  The infected message will NOT be delivered to you (incoming) or to your recipient (outgoing).

Then an email will be sent to the SENDER, RECIPIENT and the mail administrator notifying them a virus was detected and blocked.

Can ICO's Virus Email Scanning Protection totally protect me from viruses?
No, new viruses and exploits are created daily and no virus protection system can be 100% effective.    ICO's Virus Email Scanning Protection is designed & explicitly offered as an additional service measure to help protect you from viruses spread via email.  Since viruses are spread by many different methods, it is not meant to replace the need for a virus scanning software and to continually update your own virus definitions for your local virus scanning software.  ICO's email scanning service will provide you with additional preventive measure to protect your computer & network.


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