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Internet 101: 
Part 4 of 5



1. Create a new email message by
double clicking the NEW MAIL button




(real life analogy: this is similar to getting a pen and paper to write someone a message)





2. Address & Type your Email


TO: email address

SUBJECT: subject of email

Email Message


(real life analogy: this is similar to you writing your memo/note to someone & addressing the envelope)



press SEND button

When you send an email message, it will be placed in your OUTBOX folder ready to be sent the next time you press the SEND/RECEIVE button

(real life analogy: this is similar to you writing you placing the addressed memo/note in your mailbox outside of your house waiting for the postman)



4. you’ll see a number next to the OUTBOX folder

(real life analogy: this is a reminder telling you how many letters are sitting in you mailbox waiting for the postman)


5. if you need to send other emails, follow steps 1-4 again

after you press the SEND button, you will see the number next to the OUTBOX change

(real life analogy: this is similar to you placing another addressed note/memo in your mailbox in front of you house)




when you are ready to SEND your email,
press the SEND/RECEIVE button

this will check to see if you have any email sitting in your email box & then will send out any email that is sitting in your OUTBOX folder

REMEMBER: before you can successfully send any email through intercape’s mail server, you MUST CHECK YOUR EMAIL before you are permitted to send email.  By Checking your Email first, you are saying to InterCape’s Mail Server:

  ‘I am a valid InterCape subscriber & I have a valid email account on InterCape’s server & am allowed to send email through InterCape’s mail server’

once the server checks to make sure that you are a valid InterCape subscriber with a valid email account, you are permitted to SEND/RECEIVE

  this is also commonly referred to as:


Why do we do this ?
InterCape requires you to pop your email box before sending to prevent potential spammers from sending email through InterCape’s mail server.


NOTE: Everyone’s Outlook Express/Outlook configuration/settings may be setup a little bit differently, so you may need to press the SEND/RECEIVE button
2-3 times before your email is successfully sent


this box shows that it is SENDING any email that is in your OUTBOX


(real life analogy: this is similar to the postman to your mailbox in front of you house & picking up any mail to bring to the post office for delivery)

this box shows that it is CHECKING any email messages in your email box


(real life analogy: this is similar to you going to the mailbox in front of your house & picking up any mail that was addressed to you)


7. you will notice that there is no number next to the OUTBOX folder


this means that your OUTBOX is empty & that any email that was in your OUTBOX has been sent



8. if you want to verify that the message was sent - check your Sent Items folder and you will see a list of your emails that were sent out



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