Online Account Management:   

Use the Online Account Management to:
- view email information
- view domain information (applicable to web hosting)
- make secure online credit card payment
- view detailed past & current invoice information
- view payment history

Go to InterCape's Portal Site -

Choose MY ACCOUNT button in upper left hand corner

or go directly -

Login: <login>
NOTE: enter login WITHOUT the
Password: <password>
press GET STATEMENT button

Login: capeway
Password: 75xray
press GET STATEMENT button 

View Emails - Click VIEW EMAILS button to view email information

View Domains - Click VIEW DOMAINS button to view domain information (applicable only to web hosting subscribers)

Make Payment - Make secure credit card payment online with credit card

Complete Survey - we welcome your input, please fill our customer survey

Invoices - lists out summarized invoice information
click on the Invoice Number hyperlink & see detailed invoice information

Payments - lists out payment dates, amounts & methods

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