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Q & A: Email

Always SEND & RECEIVE email before 
you can send mail through InterCape's mail server.

WebMail Instructions

How to delete OLD/INVALID email accounts
How to set up additional email addresses in Outlook 2000.
- How to Check Your All your Email Account Set Up in Outlook
- How to Send/Receive Email from a specific mail account
- How to change your mail preferences
- I set up a Mail Account in Outlook, but when I try to SEND/RECEIVE from all accounts, it doesn't check the account that I just set up?
- How can I change my default email address?
- Can I choose which email address I want a specific message to be sent from using Outlook? 
- How to get your Email to Automatically Spell Check
How to set up an Email Signature in Outlook 2000
- Everytime I Send / Receive my email, my Internet Connection disconnects.  
How do I fix this?

How to Setup a Mail Account in Outlook97 (Internet Mail)

How to Setup Identities in Outlook Express

How to Switch Identities in Outlook Express

How to Troubleshoot Mail Stuck in the Outbox from Microsoft KnowledgeBase

OUTLOOK 2000: If you receive Level 1 or Level 2 Security Attachment Warnings - Read this article about Outlook Email Security Update

Differences between Outlook & Outlook Express 

Problems using MSN and Outlook2000 ?

Outlook Express Home Page

Outlook Express4 Tutorial (for Windows)

Outlook Express4 Tutorial (for Windows)
Outlook Express4 Tutorial (for Mac)
Managing your Emails with Outlook Rules

How to Backup & Recover your Outlook Express Data
How to Backup & Recover your Outlook2000 Data
How to Backup & Recover your Outlook98 Data

Outlook Home Page

Mail Admin: (this feature is offered with Full Virtual Domain Hosting Clients only)
Virtual Domain Email Administration Panel - Mail Admin

Eudora 4 / 5: 
Eudora 4 / 5 Setup Wizard
Eudora 4 / 5 Setting / Modifying your Settings Manually without the Setup Wizard
Eudora 4 / 5  Importing an existing mail profile from a different mail program

Eudora Online Tutorials

Eudora Home Page

Although any mail program can be used to send/receive your email (ie: Eudora, Netscape Mail, Internet Mail, etc...), InterCape only supports the setup of Outlook & Outlook Express & WebMail.  Additional setup instructions for other email programs are available for your convenience, but are not supported if you have any additional questions outside of what is offered.  It is strongly recommended that you refer to your mail programs website and/or instruction manual, if you have any questions about the setup / functionality of your mail program.

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