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Q & A: Internet Access

How to Change your Dialup Number from -5465 to -5599

How do I switch Internet Providers & Join InterCape ?

Disable Call Waiting while surfing the Internet

Download an InterCape dialer that will set up your internet settings

Setup a ICO Dialer Manually

Setup a ICO Dialer for Mac OS9

Troubleshoot & Optimize your InterCape dialer

How to Manually Delete your previous ISP's dialer

How to Manually Delete your previous ISP's / outdated / invalid email addresses

Internet 101 - Browser Basics & Surfing the Net

Storing your Internet Login Password:
How can I store my internet login password in my dialup settings?

Modem Info:
How to tell what kind of modem you have
Everything you wanted to know about Modems but were afraid to ask

Modem Troubleshooting:
Help for Slow Connections

56K.com's Modem Troubleshooting Guide

Interactive Modem Troubleshooter

WinModems are installed in many computers nowadays and are the cause of many Internet connectivity problems and also slows down all your computer processes because it is taxing your CPU's resources.  Here is some information that will help inform you about what they are and why people don't like them.  If you go to any search engine and search for the keyword - winmodem - you will find TONS of information about how inefficient these modems are.

Special Report from 56k.com - Beware of SoftModems (aka: WinModems)
HCF Chipset Modems
Official Campaign Against WinModems

What People are saying about WinModems...
ARS Open Forum
Computing.net Open Forum

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