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1. Open Outlook Express





2. Make your mail rule match the screenshot

section 1. check mark SUBJECT LINE

section 2. check mark MOVE TO SPECIFIED FOLDER








3. click underlined text that says 
"contains specific words" & type in:

be sure to type in POSSIBLE SPAM, exactly as it is shown in the screenshot

press ADD button




4. click underlined text that says 
"specified folder" & choose NEW FOLDER button & Type in: Spam - press OK

This Spam folder is the folder that where all subject lines tagged with POSSIBLE SPAM will be delivered to



5. section 4. type in a description for this rule:
Possible Spam Subject Filtering - press OK 

Your mail filter is now completed.  

You have just created a folder and a rule - the rule tells Outlook Express to move any messages tagged with the subject POSSIBLE SPAM will be delivered to the Spam folder that you created.

We have found our mail filter to be approximately 95% - 99% accurate.  Now that suspect junk mail moves into a separate folder you can quickly look at it for anything of interest and then erase everything out of the folder.



What do I do if some of my legitimate email gets tagged as POSSIBLE SPAM ? If a legitimate email gets tagged as possible spam & the sender email address is valid & you would like to respond to the email, simply REPLY to the email address & delete the spam warning from the subject line.

If a legitimate email gets tagged as possible spam & it is a promotional announcement or newsletter from companies you have done business with & you want to continue receiving this email without a spam tag in the future,
- forward the email to: goodemail@intercape.com
- include the "email headers" along with the entire message 

We will look at these and they will help us tweak the system so that they are no longer tagged.

click here for how to find mail headers & send to: goodemail@intercape.com


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